Monday, April 13, 2009


Oh, I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged! Shame on me!
Since the last blog, we've found out that we're having our third little Lehr. We'll find out this week if it's a boy or a girl! How exciting.
Scott and I were able to go to Lucerne, Switzerland a couple of weeks ago with my sister Ang and brother in law Dan. We had the best time! Switzerland is unique and beautiful. They are known for being neutral-having no Wars and no president and not even their own language. But, to me, I'll never forget their strong coffee and the beautiful sights!
Scott and Dan skiied the Swiss Alps! What an awesome thing to have done. Scott said by the time they took a couple elevators, 2 gondolas and a flight of stairs to the top, they were above the clouds... God's majesty! And to think that some believe this is all here by chance??? It's too beautiful, to planned, and screams of His Glory!
We ate wonderful food while there with many great Swiss dishes like veal, potatoes, lamb, salmon and delicious desserts. None of which I could actually pronounce the name of. We were in Lucerne, the German speaking part of Switzerland. The town was Charming, with a capital "C". It's famous Chapel Bridge sits over top water aligned by shops and restaurants. Picture perfect!
Enjoy the pics!